Stephan King’s book The Running Man, which was previously adapted to the film, is once again adapted into the film. This time the director is Edgar Wright.

Stephan King’s book The Running Man, which is highly productive and almost every book has been adapted into the series or movie, will once again be adapted into the film.

According to Deadline’s report, successful director Edgar Wright, who has made many successful films such as Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy, Baby Driver and Scott Pilgrim, will make a film adaptation of Stephan King’s book The Runing Man. Edgar Wright will write the screenplay with Michael Bacall.

Edgar Wrgiht said in 2017 that he wanted to remake the movie The Runing Man, without any restrictions, upon a question from a follower. It is very good news that Edgar Wright achieved the project he wanted.

The Running Man was previously adapted into the movie in 1987 and starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was directed by Paul Michael Glaser. It was also added that this new adaptation will not be a remake and everything will be done from scratch.


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