Steve Wozniak brought Google to court on the grounds that it did not prevent Bitcoin frauds on YouTube. Wozniak used harsh statements in the petition.

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple with Steve Jobs, put YouTube and therefore Google in court. The reason for going to court was the attitude of the platform against Bitcoin scams.

Steve Wozniak, whose name is often used in Bitcoin scams, said that successive applications for the removal of these contents were ignored. In his application, Wozniak also compared YouTube with Twitter.

Wozniak and 17 victims in court

The famous computer engineer, who went to court with 17 people alleged to be the victim of such content, asks YouTube and the roof firm Alphabet to remove these videos and warn their users against fraudsters by court order. The victims also demand that their losses be covered.

Wozniak, who gave an example of Twitter hacked in the past days, stated that the platform removed these content in the fastest way. He said that YouTube “has such fraudulent, highlighted and directly earned from them in a way that cannot be apologized”.

In the aforementioned fraud examples, a sense of trust is created using the name of the celebrities and people are asked to send Bitcoin to the specified address. It is stated that these coins will be sent back in two layers. Of course, nobody can get a refund.

Wozniak expressed his dissatisfaction

Wozniak, who was previously asked about his ideas about Bitcoin scams, said, “The same thing happened to Elon Musk and myself and others recently on YouTube. There is a long-term reputation problem in the middle, and we read emails to us from many people looking for cryptocurrencies. The real problem is that there is no tangible system based on algorithms that would prevent such posts from appearing despite open community rules violations. Good luck in reaching a person in companies like YouTube (Google) and Twitter. ”

A YouTube spokesperson made a brief statement on the subject, saying that they take platform violations seriously and take action quickly when they see something that harms their policies. The process of the case is currently unknown.


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