Sony is preparing to allow internal storage upgrades for PlayStation 5 this summer.If you remember, PlayStation hardware architect Mark Cerny stated that the PS5 initially would not have external SSD support.

Cerny said, “Wait for us to hear from us before you buy M.2 SSDs for PS5!” warned. With this warning, it was heralded that the console’s external SSD storage option will also be added to the console with an update that will be released later. While users were waiting for a concrete step from the Sony front, an important report on the subject was published today. According to the published report, PlayStation 5 storage upgrades will be available as of this summer.

Although PlayStation 5 comes with 825 GB of storage space, users can only use 667 GB of this space. Considering that the new generation games have reached file sizes exceeding 100 GB, users cannot store many games on their PS5 at the same time and therefore they need extra storage space.

While PS5 users are looking for the way to announce the official announcement from the company, an important report was recently published by Bloomberg. In the published report, it is stated that Sony will allow internal storage upgrades for the PS5 this summer. Thus, users will be able to increase the storage space with PS5 compatible SSDs as of this summer.

For now, no clear date has been announced for this support. However, the console manufacturer is expected to share more details with users in the coming days.


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