Stranger Things

Discover the real story behind the Netflix Stranger Things series!

Did you know ? Stranger Things, Netflix’s hit science fiction teen series, is inspired by a true story! This may seem totally surprising, given the content of the intrigue of the show and yet. The adventures of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and her little comrades created by Matt and Ross Duffer were most likely born out of a secret CIA operation until 2001, when it was made public . Indeed, it is the project entitled MKUltra led by the United States from 1953 in more than 80 institutions across the country, including hospitals, prisons and universities. A top secret program which therefore aimed to develop new and kinetic weapons such as mind control techniques and very advanced hypnosis, during the cold war between the United States and Russia.

As in a science fiction film, this secret operation had the sole purpose of gaining control of the human mind of an adversary. A goal that is difficult to achieve and yet has been the subject of thousands of illegal experiments on involuntary test subjects in the United States and Canada. A story that unequivocally recalls the narrative arc of Terry Ives and his daughter, renamed Eleven, kidnapped and illegally raised for his hereditary psychokinetics in the laboratory of Hawkins. A gloomy project set up by doctor Martin Brenner in the 70s which bears the name of … (we give it to you in a thousand) MK-Ultra project! Either the same as the one that really existed. Also discover this theory about the Mental Flagellar and the laboratory of Hawkins which could explain everything in Stranger Things.


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