Today (17 June 2020) the Stray Kids comeback comes back with their first full album titled “GO 生” (GO LIVE) that will have all the songs on the album together. 14 songs consisting of “GO LIVE”, “God’s Menu”, “Easy”, “Pacemaker”, “Airplane”, “Another Day”, “Phobia”, “Blueprint”, “TA”, “Haven”, “TOP (“Tower of God” OP) “,” SLUMP (“Tower of God” ED) “,” Mixtape: Gone Days “and” Mixtape: On Track “.

Stray Kids

The music video for “God’s Menu” has been released for fans to watch as well today. “God’s Menu” is a hip-hop song with a powerful rap. Composed by 3RACHA (Bang Chan, Changbin and Han) and VERSACHOI. The lyrics are written by 3RACHA. Stray Kids fans can watch the song “God’s Menu” below.


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