Discover the secrets that surround the video ‘UNVEIL: TRACK Easy’ by Stray Kids.

As part of their return to the stage with ‘GO’, the members of Stray Kids have been revealing some advancements for their fans to prepare to receive their next comeback on June 17.

Stray Kids is characterized by telling a story through their music videos, each of the members of the group has a role in the narration, all the interesting theories of the group are full of mystery.

Today the video ‘UNVEIL: TRACK Easy’ was published and immediately STAY was very impressed by the content of the clip, in addition the idols of Stray Kids could have left some clues about the narrative that surrounds the group.

One of these theories suggests that the members of Stray Kids are divided into two camps, those who followed the path of the waning moon and those who opted for the full moon, representing the division of their universe.

Some fans noted that Stray Kids members like IN, Lee Know and Hyunjin in ‘UNVEIL: TRACK Easy’ have the same scars as in the official ‘Double Knot’ clip, released on October 9, 2019, what is it that connects them?

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Watch the UNVEIL: TRACK ‘Easy’ video by Stray Kids:


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