In a recent interview and photo shoot with Elle magazine, Stray Kids’ Felix, Hyunjin, Bang Chan, and Han reflected on their present and future.

When asked which ones he considered to be his personal strength, Han confidently replied, “The fact that I can write songs and the fact that I can express my emotions.”

Meanwhile, Bang Chan shared his personal philosophy on music. “Trying new things musically is important,” said the Stray Kids frontman, “but I also think [the music] shouldn’t seem too unfamiliar or too difficult to handle from a listener’s point of view.”

When asked to name the moment when he had recently felt the happiest, Hyunjin showed his deep affection for his bandmates with his heartwarming response.

The idol revealed, “When I watch TV with all the Stray Kids members in the living room, I feel proud looking at the smiling faces of the other members, and it also makes me feel relaxed.”

Finally, Felix proved that he always has Stray Kids fans in mind when he shared his New Years resolution for 2021.

Explaining what he hopes to achieve in the next year, he stated, “I always want to show improvement to those who watch us.”

What are your new year’s wishes?

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