Street Figther 5 Champion Edition Season 5 update comes with a new character and free content.Street Figther 5 Champion Edition Season 5 update, announced by Capcom recently, is finally available for download.

So, what kind of innovations does the new season of the game come with? Let’s take a closer look at these details.

About 5 years have passed since Street Figther 5 was launched. The fighting game, which has been played by many players since its launch, has also continued to grow. The producer company, which provided many new characters and content to the players throughout this five-year adventure, is now coming to the players with the Street Figther 5 Champion Edition Season 5 update.

This season of the game, in addition to the new character Dan Hibiki, also a new battle mechanic called “V-Shift”, a new training stage and an updated battle balance for all playable characters.

V-Shift Combat Mechanics
Available as a free update for Street Fighter 5 players, the V-Shift combat mechanics offer players brand new defense options and strategies. Costing only one V-Gauge bar when timed correctly, the V-Shift combat mechanics allow players to perform a completely invincible backdash that slows down time for a short period of time, helping fighters better plan their counter-attacks.

New Character: Dan Hibiki
Dan Hibiki is added to the game with the fifth and final season of Street Fighter V with his unique provocative moves and fighting techniques that he declared as the “Master of Saikyo”. Dan, who thinks he is equipped to train everyone who does not take a step back, can be obtained with the Season 5 Character Pass or Season 5 Premium Pass packages.

Other Innovations
The Street Figther 5 Champion Edition update also hosts a new incline phase called “The Grid Alternative.” In addition, with the new update of the game, we see that balance adjustments have been made for all characters in the game. This adds more game depth and improvements to the game’s combat system.


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