Electrical Direct directs this new therapy to release the stress, anger and frustration of everyday life


According to the official trailer, Demolition Therapy invites the general public to ‘destroy’ all the stress that you have gathered all year due to the pandemic. But, unlike other relaxing therapies or exercises, the company offers the opportunity to destroy all the electronics you want, from video game consoles to laptops, consoles and screens:

According to their official website, they are not a therapeutic company but one focused on the sale of technology, tools and consumables. In fact, these same products are used during ‘stress relief therapy’. So don’t worry, you won’t have to destroy your own video games.

How much does this video game breaking therapy cost?

The Electrical Direct company mentions that a 30-minute session for two people to break their video games can cost about £ 50 ($ 1,300 MXN). This will cover the loan of tools for destruction and electronics to break. Although, there is still a question in the air among the comments of his video on YouTube: “What are they doing with all the pollution?”

On their page they say that all the objects that you are going to break are junk products. All the accumulated garbage of technology, video games, televisions and other objects that no longer serve, at least will serve to relieve your stress of having that kill stolen. If you are close to the UK and you are interested in venting your anger in this way, you can register here.


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