Apple’s senior executive, Craig Federighi, made a striking “confession” in the Epic Games case. The experienced manager said there was unacceptable malware on the Mac platform.

The lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple has revealed some pretty striking details about the behind-the-scenes IT giants. This time, Craig Federighi, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, is reportedly critical of the security of Mac computers.

According to Bloomberg’s report, the “self-criticism” took place during a hearing in the Epic Games case. Apple’s senior executive Craig Federighi said it is very difficult to implement a high level of protection on Mac computers. The reason for this is that third-party software published outside the Mac App Store can be installed on devices running macOS.

Admitted it’s less secure than iOS and iPadOS

It is stated that Craig Federighi used the following sentences in his statement in court:

“The malware level on the Mac is not at a level Apple can accept because the system allows users to install software that has not been reviewed by Apple.”

With these words, Federighi has admitted that macOS is “less secure” than iOS and iPadOS operating systems, although he tries to show that having only one App Store on iOS is not bad, but rather a boon that protects iPhone and iPad users. .


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