Audi CEO Markus Duesmann made some statements regarding the electric car manufacturer Tesla. Duesmann said Tesla was two years ahead of the industry. In parallel with this confession, the Audi management has also set up a new team and this team will have designed a new electric motor vehicle in 2024.

Tesla is undoubtedly the most popular name in the automobile industry. While the company succeeded in impressing the consumers with its only electric motor vehicles, it also drives other car manufacturers to follow. Companies are trying to stand out in electric motor cars by copying Tesla’s technologies. Now, Markus Duesmann, CEO of the German-based auto giant Audi, has made important statements regarding Tesla.

For some time now, Audi has been interested in electric motor vehicles like other car manufacturers. In fact, the company announced the first electrically powered vehicle e-tron in recent periods. However, this tool has not been able to give what is desired especially in terms of efficiency and to be honest, the company is not very satisfied with the tool it has put forward. Audi has recently created a team called “Artemis” that will only work on electric motor vehicles.

Audi CEO Duesmann, who made some statements to Reuters, says Tesla is two years ahead of the industry. Expressing that the batteries of Tesla vehicles are bigger than other vehicles on the market, Duesmann emphasizes that this is because the cars are produced around the battery. According to the Audi CEO, Tesla’s software architecture and autonomous driving technologies are other issues that take the company even further.

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Here, the team named Artemis will try to design electric motor vehicles inspired by Tesla’s technologies. Moreover, the company will work very quickly to close the gap with Tesla. If there is no change in the plans, Artemis will have developed a new vehicle with an electric motor by 2024. Moreover, this vehicle will be quite different from e-tron in terms of efficiency.

Chart comparing Tesla with its competitors in efficiency

Audi is not the only company that has problems with electric vehicles. Volkswagen, the roof company of Audi, is struggling with some problems just like Audi. So much so that the company had very important problems in the software of the first electric motor vehicle ID.3 and could not overcome these problems. Even in early 2020, the company launched a new team called “The Plan to Catch Tesla” and stated several times that Tesla, like Audi, is the leader in electric motor vehicles.


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