Raoul Pal, former Goldman Sachs executive and Co-Founder of Real Vision, said he believes the total market value of Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies will exceed $ 100 trillion from $ 1.7 trillion.



In a tweet series, Pal told his more than 400,000 followers that most traditional investors failed to see the potential in cryptocurrencies because they believed the assets were returning to their average values ​​over time, “so everything looks like a bubble or a false capital allocation.”

Pal added that many projects in the cryptocurrency space are dead, that survivors will attract users and create a network effect that allows the entire ecosystem to grow.

The former Goldman Sachs executive added that people in general fear change, “so they push back, but over time change gains trust and acceptance.” In his words, value and trust will “destroy the big old business models of the internet.”

Pal added that the total addressable market of transfer, storage and value increase is “the largest and most valuable in the world” and encourages digital assets to innovate in “ways we cannot yet imagine.”

It is worth noting that Raoul Pal is known for showing an upward trend in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In late November, he announced that his liquid net worth was almost entirely invested in crypto. Pal has said in the past that he believes Bitcoin is the “future” and could have a market value of $ 100 trillion.

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The manager estimated that ETH, the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization of Ethereum, could also rise to $ 20,000 under Metcalfe’s Law.


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