We are examining the realme C15, which attracts attention with its 6000 mAh battery. realme C15 appeals to people who talk on the phone for a long time or who have tampered with the phone for a long time.

Realme’s new model, realme C15, which stands out with its affordable phones, has entered our country. In this content, we will examine realme C15.

The most striking feature of realme C15 is its long battery life. The phone has a huge 6000 mAh battery. Despite its high capacity battery, the phone’s dimensions are quite reasonable. The feeling of sitting in the hand is nice. It doesn’t make the big battery feel negatively.

Two different color options are offered to customers, namely Martı White and Marina Blue. Three different shades of this color are used on the back of the phone. The color tones change as the angle of view and light change. This has created a stylish design. There is also a 4-camera sensor and a fingerprint sensor on the back surface. It looks nice as the cameras are arranged symmetrically in a square area. We cannot see fingerprint reading technology from the screen on such affordable phones. This technology is not included in realme C15. The screen aspect ratio is 88.7 percent. We see the drop notch design. The size of the notch used in this phone is smaller than other drop notch phones.

The high-capacity battery will be our companions in long game marathons and sequences and movies watched one after another. While doing these activities, our eyes will be constantly on the screen. For this reason, the screen of realme C15 is of great importance. We have a huge 6.5 inch IPS LCD screen. As in the previous realme models, the quality of the panel is at a high level in this model. As we have seen in other low-priced models, we also have a 720x1600p screen in this one. Since the screen is not 1080p, it is not as clear as the higher priced models, but thanks to the 720p screen, higher frames are obtained in games. Its battery lasts longer.

Let’s come to the usage times offered by the battery. realme states that the standby time of the phone is 57 days. Of course, we haven’t waited for that long and tried, but when you turn off the screen and wait for a long time, the charge almost never decreases. The waiting period of 57 days can be reached. When the battery is fully charged, it can play YouTube videos continuously for 26.8 hours or make uninterrupted phone calls for 44 hours. With the battery fully charged, it managed to play the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game for 14 and a half hours.

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Smartphone with 6000 mAh Battery: realme C15

Unlike the power saving mode on other phones, there is a mode called “Super Power Saving Mode”. When you activate this mode, only 6 applications are running on the phone. Its theme and some functions are restricted. With the effect of this, while the battery of the phone is only 5 percent full, approximately 2 and a half hours of uninterrupted phone calls can be made. On Whatsapp, it offers 2 hours of use. In addition to the Super Power Saving Mode, APP Quick Freeze, which reduces the power usage of idle background applications, Screen Battery Optimization, which reduces some screen effects to increase the continuity of the phone, and Sleep Optimization (Sleep Optimization) that allows the phone to run in a lower mode. Standby Optimization) offers users the best battery life experience.

We said it has a 6000 mAh battery. Let’s add that it has 18W fast charging feature. There is no need to wait at the socket for hours to fill the phone. In about 30 minutes, 25 percent, in other words 1500 mAh, is filled. When you turn on Super Power Saving Mode with 25 percent battery, you can make about 10 hours of phone calls or watch 8 hours of YouTube videos.

MediaTek’s Helio G35 chipset is used in realme C15. This chipset is able to play popular games like PUBG. The game performance is higher than expected because the screen resolution is low. I still have to expect a flagship performance. There is no freezing or stuttering in daily use. It has 4GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 64GB of storage. lower storage area of ​​RAM 128 GB version and abroad, but there are sold as 4 GB RAM + 64 GB in Turkey. You can expand the storage space with a microSD card. It has Android 10 operating system based on realme UI 1.0 interface.

While the camera of realme C models, which is an affordable phone series of realme, has a small number of sensors, it is the first time that realme C15 uses a quadruple rear camera. For this reason, it is a very ambitious model with its camera as well as its battery.

The main camera of the phone has a resolution of 13 MP and an aperture of f / 2.2. The ultra-wide-angle lens offers 8 MP resolution and f / 2, 25 aperture and 119 degrees of field of view. Our third sensor has the feature of black and white shooting and our fourth sensor has the feature of retro shooting. You can take artistic photos using these two sensors. In addition, with the effect of these sensors, shooting in portrait mode is focused more accurately. Low


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