After the start of the compulsory military training that Suho EXO went through yesterday, controversy arose that led to suspicion of netizens who thought the military gave special treatment.

The controversy among netizens began to emerge and became a question after the EXO boy group leader was seen being picked up and in a special military car.

Netizens assume that Suho received a special action because of his status as a celebrity. Representatives from Suho also gave information that the car was arranged after being contacted by the military.

The military’s action to pick up Suho in a special car was not without reason, as they said, “This is not a special treatment. Suho went to the wrong place. Because they lacked time and many fans gathered in front of the camp, we moved them using military cars. ”

As you know, even before Suho EXO arrived at the training camp, fans had gathered to take their idols off the fence.

Because of this, fans were also criticized by netizens for not heeding the policy of keeping a distance and staying together while driving Suho in the middle of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


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