Sunwoo The Boyz has conveyed his apology after reaping a lot of controversy.

Previously Sunwoo’s photo while on the beach was in the spotlight of netizens, because in the photo he seemed to be holding a cigarette on his finger.

Although it doesn’t look very clear, many Korean netizens are convinced that Sunwoo is holding a cigarette in the photo.

This is what makes the name Sunwoo a hot conversation, because it is considered not to give a good example to his fans as a public figure. Moreover, he was seen smoking while in a public place.

After reaping a lot of criticism, Sun Woo and the Cre.Ker Entertainment agency have now conveyed their apologies.

Sunwoo wrote, “I went to the beach with the members while on vacation after the survival program was finished. However, I break the rules when in public places. I feel sorry for all the fans who trust me and I don’t know how I should continue this conversation but I want to share my honest feelings with you guys. ”

“I feel very embarrassed and have no reason I can say to fans who show love, to valuable members, and people from agencies who work very hard. I am sorry.”

Finally he added, “Once again, I sincerely apologize to all the fans who must have been hurt and disappointed because of my mistakes. I will use this time to truly reflect and reprimand myself so I can become better. I am really, really sorry.”

While the Cre.Ker Entertainment agency wrote, “We convey this apology to fans who must have been surprised by photos posted on Twitter by members of The Boyz.”

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“We also apologize for breaking the rules of public places, so that makes fans worried. Not only Sun Woo, but all the members with him are aware of their wrong actions. They reflect on themselves with sad hearts. ”

“Sunwoo is fully aware of the responsibility of this incident and we apologize once again for causing inconvenience to everyone. We will make sure to take care of our artists and ensure that things like this will not happen again. Thank you, “the agency closed.

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