The new Arrowverse spin-off is full of mysteries, but Lana Lang will be there. Could Clark and his first love have an affair in Superman and Lois?

This is one of the most anticipated series of 2021 … The new spin-off of the Arrowverse promises to be exciting. Titled Superman and Lois, this show will focus on the lives of Clark and Lois as young parents of two Superboys. Will they manage the pressure? In any case, the characters present in this new series promise some twists and turns. Emmanuelle Chriqui was cast to interpret Lana Lang-Cushing. She is a credit counselor at Smallville Bank, and will reestablish her friendship with Clark Kent “during one of the most difficult times of her life”. But then, could a connection between the two characters occur?

If you were fans of the Smallville series, you all dreamed of seeing Clark Kent end his days with Lana Lang. However, that is not what happened and according to the Comics, Superman is destined to be with Lois Lane. Besides, in this new Arrowverse show, the couple will be parents of two Superboys and the pressure will be difficult to manage between their personal and professional (and superhero) lives. Lana will support Clark and it is possible that the two exes get closer in Superman and Lois. She is still Superman’s first love, however, it is unlikely that Clark will be unfaithful to Lois in this spin-off. He is a good and loyal man. However, the series could hold some surprises for us! With the Arrowverse everything is possible … While waiting to learn more, here are 3 villains that we want to see in Superman and Lois.


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