Google quietly added a new feature to YouTube’s Android app. 4K videos can now be played on devices with lower resolution screens.

As you know, the maximum resolution of YouTube videos that can be played on Android smartphones was 1440p. But now the situation has changed. Google silently lifted the restrictions for 4K video playback in YouTube’s Android app for all devices.

Android smartphone owners will now be able to watch videos in 2160p (4K) resolution. Until now, this required a 4K-screen smartphone and high-speed internet connection. Thanks to the change, it has become possible to play 4K video on lower resolution devices.

New feature is available
4K videos offer a much better viewing experience thanks to their high bitrate. Google’s support for HD and FHD displays will definitely please many users. Because when you choose the 4K option on your smartphone, you will feel that the image quality increases a little more. Of course, you need to have a smartphone with a 4K screen to fully experience 4K resolution.


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