Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam argued that the Chinese government’s new law on control over Hong Kong would not contradict the city’s autonomy.

China’s offer, citing increased security threats, has been criticized by the Hong Kong people, as well as by many countries and international chambers of commerce, including the US and the UK.

The world of international finance, the pro-government anti-government protests that erupted last year in Hong Kong, the center of Asia, have gained momentum in recent weeks after the Hong Kong residents have been on the streets again after some time during the Corona virus epidemic.

Speaking at the weekly press conference, Lam argued that Beijing’s new legislative proposals are not alarming, “Whenever people have been concerned about Hong Kong’s right to freedom of expression and protest, Hong Kong has always proven these values,” Lam said. However, Lam did not mention exactly what rights and freedoms of Hong Kong were put on the table in the new law proposal brought by the Chinese administration.

Hong Kong leader Lam’s statement on Tuesday came after protesters called for a large-scale strike and demonstration for Wednesday. Hong Kong residents are preparing to protest the draft law in which the local government is at the stage of voting, which defines disrespect for China’s national anthem.

Beijing’s bill, which was submitted last week, has been protested by Hong Kong residents since 1997, which has autonomous status to endanger local government powers of Hong Kong.

The statement made by the Hong Kong bar also suggested that the content of the draft in question was “alarming and problematic”.

Beijing’s recent steps, interpreted as an intervention in Hong Kong’s autonomy, also deepen the existing conflicts with the US administration led by President Donald Trump.

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