SureAI, which has developed highly popular mods in Skyrim, may soon announce a new production of its own.

SureAI, one of the most active mod development teams in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game, was especially popular with its mod named “Endernal”, which made Skyrim a completely different game. The team is now working hard to develop their own games.

If you are a die-hard Skyrim player, you may have heard the name SureAI. It is the developer of the 30-hour Endernal mode that brings Skyrim to an independent, distinctive gaming experience. However, everyone seems to love this mod, judging by the overwhelmingly positive reviews it has on Steam. But it was announced last weekend that Endernal will no longer receive updates. So why?

Because SureAI is working on a “new commercial project” that they aim to announce this year. We understand this from the project that is stated on the official website to be announced in 2021. The team that developed two of the biggest and most ambitious mods in Elder Scrolls history (Enderal and Nehrim) is predicted to be working on some kind of RPG game, given their years of experience modding Elder Scrolls games. Of course, a different type of production can meet the actors.

Unfortunately, this is the only known relevant subject for now. SureAI didn’t give any details about what this project could be, at least at this stage. However, the idea that it can be a game that will please the players seems to be in the foreground. We will continue to convey new developments regarding the subject.


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