This time, good news came from GeForce Now, which we have heard of recently. Sharing the description of “Epic Games Geforce Now support” announced that it is with NVIDIA. Unlike Epic Games, some companies had previously cut support.

Prior to that, he requested that 2K Games be removed from the NVIDIA GeForce Now library. NVIDIA did not reject the request and removed the games from the lists.

Epic Games to support GeForce Now
Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney shared to Twitter and his firm NVIDIA GeForce Now. Sweeney, who gave the new game system a green light in the sharing, made an interesting description for the system. According to Sweeney, GeForce Now has become the best friend of game developers and publishers.

GeForce Now, which changed from beta to stable 2 weeks ago, removed Activision – Blizzard and 2K Games from the library on request. The current games of these two game companies meet high-priced players. Epic Games is also a producer company that stands out with Fortnite.


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