There has been a great lack of innovation in the smartphone market in recent years. We do not know what the reason for this is, but we see that all phones are alike. We think the best example of this is OPPO A52 and Galaxy A21s. Because both phones look very similar to each other both from the front and from the back. With the Huawei camera patent approved today, the Chinese manufacturer is switching to a new design.



Today, we saw Huawei’s new patent. If you look at this patent, we can say that it is a slightly improved version of the design we saw in the Nova 8 and Nova 8 Pro models introduced last month. Because the design does not look very strong. The image of the obtained patent is as follows.

When we look at the front, there is a selfie camera in the middle of the screen. There is a circular quad camera on the back. It is difficult to predict which camera is the main camera in this camera structure, but we see that the camera on the left has a slightly larger design than the other cameras.

It is very difficult to predict which phone will be used in the new camera design, but we can easily say that this design is not the P50 design. This design may be the design Huawei will use in its new Nova series. Apparently; 2021 seems to be a very good year both in terms of hardware and design …

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