Sony Xperia 1 III has become one of the most popular phones of the last period, especially with its screen and camera features. What about update support?


We have bad news for the buyers of the Sony Xperia 1 III. According to the latest statement made by Sony Netherlands, Xperia 1 III, one of the most special phones in the mobile world, will only receive one major Android update. The distribution of security-focused updates took two years.

This is exactly how Sony’s Dutch team responded to how long the Xperia 1 III will receive updates. We don’t know if the team gave wrong information or if Sony considers an update sufficient for its phone, which it has priced at € 1,299. All we know is that this is to make a complete fool of the user.

Unlike Sony, many Android manufacturers are increasing their update support day by day. These included Samsung, OnePlus, OPPO and most recently Google. In fact, Google is expected to increase the update support to 5 years with the Pixel 6. With all competitors ramping up update support, Sony appears to be in a completely different phase. Let’s hope the Japanese company soon makes a statement that this is a misunderstanding. Perhaps Sony’s statement will confirm the Dutch team.

Even phones at €200/€300 in the Android ecosystem today receive two major Android updates. Of course, users will think twice when they want to buy a phone that costs € 1,299 and will only be upgraded to Android 12.


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