According to research by Bitwise and ETF Trends, 64 percent of financial advisors think that the price of Bitcoin will continue to rise in the next five years.

Interest in Crypto Money
Bitwise and ETF Trends conducted a new survey to find out what investors in the U.S. are thinking about cryptocurrencies. In this survey, in which a total of 415 financial advisors participated, interesting results came out.

According to information provided by Bitwise Investments, 76 percent of investors in the U.S. asked their financial advisors various questions about crypto money over the past year. This means that US investors are trying to get information about cryptocurrencies.

According to the survey results, 72 percent of financial consultants say their customers may have invested in cryptocurrencies on their own without any consultancy. This is actually an indication of how much investors in the country are interested in cryptocurrencies.

Why Are They Interested?
Currently, 64 percent of the financial advisors in the country think that the price of Bitcoin will continue to rise in the next five years. For the sake of comparison, we can say that this number is around 55 percent in last year’s survey. So there is a serious increase in the number of experts who believe that the price of BTC will rise.

In addition, 35 percent of these experts think that Bitcoin price will have doubled by 2024. The rate of consultants who believe that bitcoin price will see zero in some way is only 8 percent. So why do financial consultants trust Bitcoin so much and show so much interest?

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The experts who answer this question emphasize that Bitcoin is independent of other investment tools. 54 percent of these experts say that Bitcoin acts independently of the global markets and is therefore an attractive investment choice.

In addition, 30 percent of financial advisors say that crypto investment is good, and 26 percent say that they have received intense demand from customers. 23 percent of experts who add crypto money to their customers’ portfolio stress that the reason for investing in crypto money is to gain new customers.

Although investors in the US are interested in cryptocurrencies, we see that only 6 percent of financial advisors in the country prefer to add cryptocurrencies to their clients’ portfolios.

Why are they hesitant?
A significant portion of the experts participating in this survey think that the price of Bitcoin will rise, finding the crypto investment interesting. But despite this, we see that the number of consultants who get their customers crypto money is quite low.

According to the information provided by Bitwise Investments, the biggest thing that causes these consultants to hesitate right now is legal uncertainties. While 56 percent of these consultants are afraid of legal uncertainties, 43 percent are afraid of price fluctuations in the crypto money market. A portion of 39 percent indicates the reason for not being able to reach a quality ETF (stock exchange investment fund) service.


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