According to Etherscan, another abnormal transaction was recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. The sender paid a transaction fee of $ 538 thousand 876, which is almost the same as the value of the transfer itself ($ 751 thousand 545).

Two Strange Actions

As previously reported, a $ 2.6 million fee was paid on June 10 to send Ethereum worth just $ 133. The same address made another transfer by paying a transaction fee of $ 2.5 million the day before. Most analysts denied that this was a costly human error. According to other claims, there is speculation that these transactions are a complex money laundering program.

Tax Missing?

The crypto money community has many different speculations about these transactions. The most popular of these speculations is tax evasion. The rich name will pay serious amounts to these transactions, making it look as if it has lost the money accidentally, thereby paying less tax.

Can Hack

The most recent transfer is not about the two previous situations. The wallet is different from the wallet where other transactions are made. This makes this standalone situation even more surprising for the cryptocurrency community.

Dovey Wan, one of the famous names in the crypto community, argues that the six-digit fee is not a mistake, but a ‘message’ from a hacker. Wen; it assumes someone is holding a service hostage related to the stock market, wallet or Ethereum.

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The most likely scenario is that a MiningPoolHub address has been seized given that it is tagged in Etherscan.


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