The battle between Huawei and Qualcomm over 5G continues. The 5G-enabled chipset patents are racing to the ground.


Last month, patent data analyst IPLytics published a report on which companies are leading the 5G patent race. IPLytics states that in 2020, more companies received patents for fifth-generation cellular technologies than a year ago. The report covers organizations reporting to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. It revealed a huge competition between Huawei and Qualcomm.

Like last year, Chinese technology giant Huawei leads the number of 5G patents. The company handled 15.39% of the total number of applications for fifth generation cellular technology. Qualcomm ranks second with 11.24% share. The company that closed the first three places and made up 9.81% of the total number of patent applications related to 5G was ZTE.

It can take up to several years to obtain a patent, and the situation is slightly different for approved applications. Huawei is still the leader in this regard. It holds 15.4% of the total 5G patents granted. In second place is South Korean technology giant Samsung with a share of 13.3%. Qualcomm, on the other hand, entered the top three with a share of 13.2%.

Unfortunately, Huawei is currently experiencing some difficulties caused by US sanctions. Although the company is a leader in the development of 5G technologies, it is practically unable to release new smartphones that support this standard of communication. The Chinese company has ceased to cooperate with key chip makers, and all 5G smartphones it currently produces rely on a pre-built component stock that will dry out sooner or later.


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