T-Mobile claims to be working with the fault. Thousands of customers have been left without voice and data service.

Since the early hours of today, thousands of customers on the T-Mobile network have been deprived of the voice and data service, product of a breakdown, in which they are working.

Jorge Martel, vice president and general manager of T-Mobile Puerto Rico, through the Twitter social network, assured that, “our engineers are working to resolve the voice and data situation that is affecting our clients. We regret this inconvenience and we hope to solve it soon. ”

This telecommunications company, as recent as April, completed its merger with Sprint, a transaction where the assets of both companies were joined, mainly in the area of ​​networks. In the case of Sprint, it is mid-band, which represents greater capacity, and T-Mobile contributes its 600 MHz network, which provides amplitude. “With this, a more powerful 5G network is developed, which will allow access to a high-speed internet, reaching limited areas that are not reached today, expanding throughout the entire Island,” said Martel at the time.

It is estimated that this merger will boost, in the next three years, a planned investment of $ 40,000 million in its network and in its business activity.


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