Founded by Paul W. Klipsch, the world-famous headphone and speaker manufacturer Klipsch continues to bring a completely different sound experience to music lovers by going beyond the standard design lines. The model, designed in collaboration with the world famous automotive brand McLaren, was put on the market in our country.

World-renowned headphone and speaker manufacturer Klipsch, which designs Hi-Fi quality products, aims to offer an enhanced sound experience with the T5-II series, which is an improved version of the Zippo designed T5 model. Designed in collaboration with the world-renowned automotive brand McLaren, Klipsch combines the legendary design of its classic models with McLaren’s sporty style with the T5 II True Wireless Sport McLaren; It makes a striking appearance with its customized McLaren box and special wireless charging pad. T5-II Sport McLaren aims to provide a special sound experience for music lovers who want to experience a different style with its sporty and ergonomic design.

Lifetime up to 32 hours

T5-II series, which is launched as 3 models with standard, sports and active noise canceling (ANC) features, provides both a comfortable sound experience and a successful isolation with ergonomic contoured ear silicones patented by Klipsch. It offers a lifespan of up to 32 hours with four microphones, voice assistant support, Bluetooth 5.0 technology and a charging case.

80 minutes of listening with a 10-minute quick charge

T5-II Sport, McLaren and T5-II ANC offer wireless charging and voice assistant support, and all three models with IP67 standard provide a water-resistant sound experience. The T5-II Sport model, on the other hand, manages to stay dry with its water-resistant charging box and dehumidification technology. The T5-II series, which has a USB-C input, provides an uninterrupted music listening experience with 80 minutes of use with a 10-minute fast charge, while providing support for listening to music and making phone calls with its transparent hearing mode.

Wireless audio transmission

Offering a successful wireless audio transmission in T5-II and T5-II Sport models with aptX, AAC codecs and Bluetooth 5.0 version, Klipsch prevents delays that occur while watching videos with this feature. The T5-II ANC, which provides call and music control with head shaking, is a first in the market with this extraordinary ability. T5-II series, which has application support for all models, provides the opportunity to apply the new features it has acquired through updates via mobile phones.

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