BTS’s Taehyung and J-Hope have fun during the Boy With Luv rehearsal + Jungkook cover.

BTS has shared a video from Boy With Luv’s rehearsal. During himself Taehyung and J-Hope do not stop joking and doing thanks. Especially when RM is going to sing her part and the music suddenly stops. Watch the video:

Furthermore, BTS’s Jungkook has released a beautiful 10,000 hour cover that you can listen to below:

Take a look at the fan comments below:

Suga serious before her part of the song Suga relocated after her part 🤣🤣 AS I LOVE THESE MEN

They are all so cute I love them❤❤they are babies you have to take care of them😍💜I see that Jimin became serious he looks even cuter😍😍BTS💜💜ARMY💕💕

I felt bad for RM when she got down on her knees waiting for him to sing, but the song stopped.

I really didn’t realize how much I needed vhope content in my life until I saw this video 😔

Jin is apparently hungry. Someone feed this man!

I love Taehyung so sweet, happy, a beautiful smile and a heart-catching chant, I💚Tae, I💜bts 🌻🌹🌻

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