A hashtag for NCT boy group member, Taeyong began to rise until it became a trending topic on Twitter.

At the end of April, Taeyong did get a charge from a netizen who claimed that the NCT member was a bully during school with a variety of evidence presented.

After the issue, fans then asked SM to protect their artists from various false claims or accusations until they later became trending on Twitter.

Not only that, on Wednesday (17/06), fans in various parts of the world raised the hashtag #AlwaysHereForTaeyong and # 태용 이 의 _ 사랑 은 _ 툥프 들이 _ 알아 (We know Taeyong’s love) to show support for idols.

Some fans also shared their views on the positive influence that Taeyong had on his life through various tweets on Twitter.

What do you think about the accusations made by netizens against Taeyong this time?


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