Taeyong NCT recently became a conversation among fans and netizens to make the SM Entertainment issued an official statement.

This began when an ‘A’ informant emerged who claimed that he was defending the other victim’s side and spreading unilateral information, misinformation, and was extremely excessive.

On Wednesday (24/06), SM Entertainment seemed unable to stay silent with the circulation of dangerous news on their artists and issued an official statement to clarify the truth.

“Previously, Taeyong sincerely apologized to the victim ‘B’ for the mistakes he made in middle school and gave ‘B’ compensation,” said SM.

They also stated that the informant ‘A’ continued to issue unilateral claims that were harmful and detrimental to their artist, who in this case was Taeyong NCT.

“Until now, we have been patient despite knowing the actions of informant ‘A’, because the informant ‘A’ is Taeyong’s former classmate; we are also concerned about the secondary violations of others related to Taeyong’s middle school friends and acquaintances and the fact that Taeyong is worried about causing unnecessary damage to his former classmates. ”

“However, this excessive information was disseminated and maintained until this incident violated the privacy of not only Taeyong but also his family, besides seriously defaming Taeyong’s character among other violations. As a result, it has reached a point where we cannot show generosity anymore, because we must protect our artists. ”

SM Entertainment also stated that they would take legal action against the informant ‘A’.

SM concluded, “we would like to request that all rumors, malicious comments, and invasive privacy actions related to other individuals including ‘B’ victims, ‘A’ informants, and other acquaintances from the Taeyong Middle School period end, in order to avoid further damage. “


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