Instagram, one of the most widely used social media applications in the world, is working on a new feature for the Reels service. With this feature, users will be able to tag people on Reels videos.

New features are added to Reels, which is a competitor to Instagram, the Chinese short video creation and sharing platform TikTok, to make it more useful every day.

Instagram, which includes Reels videos in the stream, has made another very important decision from now on. Accordingly, anyone will be able to tag anyone while sharing Reels videos.

According to the image shared by Alessandro Paluzzi, an application researcher, users will be able to tag different people on Reels videos. Thus, a person who takes a Reels video will be able to share this video in the streaming section in addition to the Reels tab on their profile. In addition, there is a person tagging option just below the share on stream option.

According to the famous social media commentator Matt Navarra, Instagram continues to add new features to its platform quite quickly in order to compete with its rival TikTok. The followers of Matt Navarra also expressed that they are very happy about this feature that will come to Instagram Reels.

It is not yet known whether or when the person tagging feature of Instagram, which has recently added many new features, will be offered to its users, or when it will be.


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