PlayStation News: A dataminer found mysterious files in the official app


PlayStation follows a very different strategy than Xbox, as the latter focused its current strategy on the growth of Game Pass.

Although Sony has a similar subscription service, it does not have the same diffusion as Microsoft’s, but soon the picture could change.

It seems that PlayStation and Netflix have something in their hands and could launch a service that can compete head-on with Game Pass.

A rumor recently began to circulate that Netflix would launch its own video game service similar to Apple Arcade, but new information suggests something bigger.

Dataminer Steve Moser revealed on his Twitter account the existence of ‘Shark’, a supposed gaming service hidden in the files of the app on iOS.

Apparently, among the images found were some of the PlayStation 5 controllers and even Ghost of Tsushima, which could indicate a collaboration.

The logo would be a shark fin.

PlayStation could be just a Netflix partner

According to Steve Moser, this could be a collaboration and not an alliance as is, so other companies could join later.

Although it sounds like something interesting, so far PlayStation and Netflix have not confirmed if it is real, so we cannot take it for granted.

Rumors about a streaming service competing with Game Pass have been around the internet for a while, but so far there is no solid evidence of any.

Some Sony fans believe it would be more feasible to feed the PlayStation Now service rather than create a new one, unless they have something much more ambitious on their hands.

As with this type of information, it is best to take it with caution and wait for an official announcement from the brands involved.


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