Miss Minutes News: The little attention grabber


Miss Minutes is the small corporate mascot of the TVA, the organization that appears in the series, Loki, in charge of maintaining order in the sacred timeline. Despite spending very little screen time, the curious watch managed to make an impact on the audience. So much so that she is already a promoter of the use of masks in Mexico and perhaps she will become a new horror movie villain.

In the wake of a scene in Loki’s season finale, its director, Kate Herron, joked about the possibility of making a new horror movie with TVA’s mascot, Miss Minutes, as the lead. If you watched the latest episode of the Disney + series, you will surely know which scene we mean.

Miss Minutes: from Loki’s pet to … horror icon?

During the last episode of Loki. The god of Asgard and Sylvie are making their way through the castle of the One Who Remains, the mastermind behind the TVA, when Miss Minutes suddenly appears in front of them, scaring them and some onlookers as well.

After this scene, many netizens began to talk about the potential of Miss Minutes to become a new horror icon on par with Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees. Not only because of the scare she gave us, but because of the face she makes after her, which has been described by many as: ‘disturbing’.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the director, Kate Herron, was asked about the possibility of her returning to direct a horror movie about Miss Minutes, to which she replied: ‘I would love it! In fact I think that would be my dream. ‘

Sadly, after the end of the first season of Loki, it was reported that Kate Herron would not be returning for the second. Perhaps this will put a stop to plans to turn Miss Minutes into the new Chucky. But, hey, that scare that he gave us, who takes it from us?


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