An interesting move in the XRP network has been spotted nowadays, as the cryptocurrency market is generally at the grip of a sharp drop.

According to information transmitted yesterday, more than 170 million XRPs were transferred between different wallets on XRP Ledger in just 24 hours. Transfers made during these dates, when XRP fell to $ 0.20, are of critical importance.

For this reason, XRP transfers, which have reached a huge level of 170 million, are curious by many investors. In the statement made by the analysis firm named Bithomp, it was pointed out that more than half of these are transfers between crypto exchanges. Although there are transfers between cryptocurrency exchanges, they suggested that there might be a possible selling or buying pressure related to user funds.

It was observed that the liquidity of XRP broke a record in certain payment corridors on the day of the transfers.

The all-time high in the cryptocurrency-based Philippines payment corridor has been exceeded as of today, and the more hours of day ending, the record could increase further.


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