TCL’s initiatives in the smartphone market continue. Now the TCL 20L Plus model has been certified. So, what will this model be like?


TCL is preparing to introduce new mobile products on April 14th. However, according to the information revealed today, a new model called TCL 20L Plus will be added to the TCL 20 family.

The new model of TCL was surprisingly approved by the Bluetooth SIG. SIG indicates that the phone has model numbers T774B, T775H and T775B. This means that the phone is in three variants. All three models will have 4G technology. In addition, these models will differentiate between them.

These codes are expected to belong to the 20L Plus itself and to the 20S and 20 Pro models. For now, there is not the slightest evidence as to which segment these models will be in. Probably, all three models will be in the middle segment.

We can say that TCL, which does not focus on the upper and admiral segment, follows a very reasonable policy. In order to hold on to the phone market, the priorities should be entry and middle segment. The company, which has started to find a market share with its attacks for the last 2 years, may focus on the upper segment in the coming years.


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