With the registrations starting on February 5th for the countries of the Middle East region, the teams included in the tournament will be able to participate in the open qualifiers of the tournament in single elimination format.

The top 4 teams from the open qualifiers will compete for the $ 1000 prize and the Middle East Championship with the participation of all 4 invited teams in the playoff round.
There are many CS: GO followers in the Middle East region. For this reason, we are very happy to be able to offer these teams and players who are devoted to CS: GO the opportunity to play in such a tournament and show off. The first team will receive $ 1,000 and the second team will receive $ 500 in the Middle East Championship of this event, which will take place all over Asia.

Registration is still pending for open qualifiers. If you and your team want to participate, you can register for the tournament through FACEIT. Tournament registrations will remain open until January 31st.

Invited Teams
This year, we also sent invitations to 4 teams that have made a name for themselves with their success in previous tournaments in the region. Professional teams that will participate in the tournament and compete in the playoffs are as follows; Yalla Esports, Sangal Esports, Nasr Esports & For Glory Esports.

Broadcast servers and calendars will be announced very soon. Also, all regional playoffs will be broadcast on extremesland channels.

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