The technical details of the Snapdragon 860, which Qualcomm has launched with the POCO X3 Pro smartphone model and will be used in affordable flagship smartphones, have been shared.

Qualcomm has released detailed information about the new Snapdragon 860 processor released on the POCO X3 Pro smartphone. Technically, this chip is an improved version of the Snapdragon 855 released in 2019 and is aimed at low-cost mid-range devices.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 is manufactured using a 7nm fabrication process. The processor contains eight Kryo 485 cores clocked up to 2.96 GHz. For comparison, the Snapdragon 855 with similar characteristics had a maximum frequency of 2.84 GHz, but the Snapdragon 855+ model was the same as the new chip. Also on the Qualcomm website, the Snapdragon 860 and Snapdragon 855+ models are completely combined on a single page.

Snapdragon 860 phones will multiply
The main differences between Snapdragon 860 and Snapdragon 855+ are the support of up to 16 GB of RAM instead of 12 GB and the ability to work with two screens in Full HD + resolution at 90 Hz instead of 60 Hz. In all other respects, the chips have the same properties.

It is worth noting that the Snapdragon 860 only includes the Snapdragon X24, which supports 4th generation networks. Smartphone manufacturers will also be able to use Snapdragon X50 modem with 5G support if they wish. In the coming months, lower-priced smartphones with the new processor are expected to be launched on the market.

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