Kazakhstan, which wants to place a root certificate on all personal internet-connected devices, will thus monitor all traffic. Tech giants are against this.

When technology and technological devices have become indispensable elements of every human being today, they have become a tool for the monitoring policies of states. There are states, especially China, that follow the mobile devices of their citizens step by step under strict state rules. Kazakhstan is one of them.

Tech giants oppose
In recent years, Kazakhstan wanted to keep track of its citizens by installing some administrative applications on their internet-connected electronic devices, but technology giants opposed this.

Nowadays, the government of Kazakhstan has started work to establish a monitoring network again. The government, which wants to place a national security certificate on citizens’ internet-connected devices, will thus be able to monitor all kinds of traffic.

Internet providers in the country state that they must install this certificate from their customers, otherwise they will not be able to access any website abroad. In other words, access to platforms such as Facebook, Google, Netflix will be closed.

Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla strongly oppose tracking traffic. Technology giants; changed their protocols to accept this certificate as unapproved. Thus, after installing the root certificate, those who want to enter the sites in question will encounter an error message. Companies recommend that users do not install certificates and access foreign sites via VPN or Tor.


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