Since we spend our days by the phone, battery life becomes very important. The Japanese have found the solution to increase battery life!


Manufacturers have constantly increased the battery size of the devices they produce, but none of them have worked to extend the phone battery life. Nowadays, we encounter batteries up to 5,000mAh and if we heard this number in the past years when we looked at it, our eyes would be wide open. Still, even such a huge number is enough for us to spend a day. There’s also the battery life dimension of the event. Fortunately, the Japanese Institute of Advanced Science and Technology (JAIST) has discovered a technology that increases phone battery life! Before going into details, I would like to tell you a little bit about statistics.

An individual who actively uses his smartphone loses an average of 5-10% battery life each year. If we think that a normal user has not changed the device they use in Turkey for about 3 years and the device they use is an old model, it will be painful to use this device. Because even in new models, we can say that the batteries are almost melted due to the development of fast charging features. Old model phone users may have to walk around with their powerbank or recharge their devices up to 3 times a day during active use. With this technology developed by the Japanese, there will no longer be such a problem. Let’s examine the news together.

Japanese Developed Technology That Extends Phone Battery Life!

The JAIST team we mentioned above has developed a new material and this material manages to keep the smartphone battery life at 95% levels even after 5 years or more. If it is true, the battery of the new smartphone you will buy will continue to go like the first day and you will probably not have any problems with the battery. This new material discovered is called Bis-imino-acenaphthenequinone-Paraphenylene (BP). This material, which is as magical as its name, manages to keep the battery life stable at 95% even after 1700 full recharges! This name is of course a very difficult name to say and read, but it is actually a graphite.

Professor Matsumi says this graphite aims to make batteries more durable and reliable. At the same time, these technology producers should also enjoy. Because we hear that brands such as Apple, Xiaomi and Huawei have entered the electric smart car industry. The batteries of these vehicles must be very durable. After all, we may change phones every 3 years, but we don’t change vehicles every 3 years!

Other wearable technology products will also get their share from this technology. TWS earbuds, smart wristbands and watches will now save much longer battery life. Let’s see when this technology will enter our lives. Let’s say we are waiting with all our curiosity!

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