Ted Nelson Reveals Satoshi Nakamoto’s Identity. Technologist claimed that Bitcoin knew Nakamoto, the inventor.

Although there are many claims about who Satoshi Nakamoto could be, no one has been able to prove that he was the inventor of Bitcoin. Whilst Craig Wright, Hal Finley, Adam Back and many other names are thought to be Satoshi, or if they claim it themselves, it is thought to be a mystery that will last forever.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

However, technologist and philosopher Ted Nelson stated in a recently published statement that Nakamoto knew who he was. Nelson actually made his similar estimate and statement in 2013. Pointing to the Princeton graduate mathematician named Shinichi Mochizuki , Nelson emphasizes that he is the only inventor to be the inventor of both Bitcoin thanks to his high grades and similar features to Satoshi.

“Does he speak good English? You can be sure. As I said earlier in the videos, everyone is actually looking for famous cryptographers and he has a Newtonian genius when it comes to mathematics. Seminars were held on her work, and she doesn’t even attend. ”

Indicating that more than one person represents a group or as some claim that Nelson, Mochizuki actually works instead of the standard platforms with Nakamoto also said they are published on different platforms. The Mochizuki previously denied these allegations and that he had confirmed that Satoshi…..


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