Telegram CEO Pavel Durov called iPhone owners slaves. So, on what basis did Pavel Durov make this insult? Here are the details.


Telegram founder Pavel Durov made heavy accusations against those who used Cupertino-based Apple. Telegram CEO Pavel Durov called iPhone owners digital slaves. Stating that Apple previously robbed developers, used them as a source of profit and received unfair commission from in-app sales, Pavel has now criticized iPhone users, believing himself to be a blessing from beans.

Pavel Durov decided to attack not only Apple, but also his fans. The CEO decided to comment on his Telegram channel about an article in which Apple was accused of large-scale surveillance and censorship under China’s orders. Pavel; He said that Apple has trampled users’ freedoms. Pavel is very effectively implementing the business model of selling legacy equipment to customers locked in their ecosystem at an inflated price for Apple. said.

Pavel, who has +18 content on his platform (Telegram), said; “I feel like I’m in the Middle Ages when using an iPhone. iPhone uses a 60 Hz display. This is very outdated. ” continued in the form. Does a 60 Hz screen really mean the iPhone is trash?

The fact that the iPhone 12 is sold worldwide despite its high price shows that 60 Hz is not something to be obsessed with. Users are not forced into the Apple ecosystem. I wish Pavel would make an effort to clean up the +18 groups on his platform rather than throwing mud on the “undisputed” best ecosystem in the world.

This type of self-consciousness occurs from time to time. Pavel’s statements, which would not have exploded in the number of users without WhatsApp’s privacy policy, were probably a move to stay on the agenda and to make PR through Apple.


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