Telegram has received updates. Telegram features, one of the most popular applications recently, are increasing day by day. Along with the latest innovations, several innovations such as voice group chat feature and SD Card support have been included in the application.

Telegram gets rich with update

You can create a Voice Chat for your group by going to a Group’s Profile -> Tap (⋮) -> Start Voice Chat. After joining a conversation, users can do other things in the App. If you enter the same group, you can see a special bar at the top showing who is currently speaking. Telegram also notes that individuals also switch a private chat and microphone to access whenever they want.

Android users also enjoy a full-fledged experience with a system-wide floating widget functionality. The float shows three options – Speaker, Mic, Leave button. As Telegram says, Voice Chat can involve several thousand participants, but let’s say there is no exact limit.

For desktop mode, Voice Chats also got the Push-to-talk shortcut feature. Even if the window isn’t open, you can hold down the Spacebar key to go live and announce your message aloud. In any case, future updates are expected to bring improvements such as noise cancellation, video and screen sharing.

Except for Voice Chat; Stickers, displaying a sketch before the animation tag is loaded, have also been added. Additionally, Telegram has added improvements to the New Message button animations for Android users, opened profiles, and revamped chat folders. Also, this time, a new set of animated emoji is added, as in the previous update.

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For the Android front, the ability to transfer application data to the SD Card has been activated. On the iOS front, Siri will be able to read incoming messages while wearing headphones. The common innovation that came to both Android and iOS front was the ability to quickly edit and resend photos.


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