Alternative messaging application Telegram has announced that it will accept ads from 2021.Telegram stands out as a highly preferred application for those who value online privacy with its end-to-end encryption feature.

Telegram has a total of approximately 500 million users since its introduction in August 2013. The application has not requested any subscription fees or prepayments from users so far and it is predicted that this situation will continue in the future. However, Telegram has developed a new strategy to make money and will start running ads after the new decision.

The application aims to earn money by simply showing ads, without expecting users to pay subscription fees or prepayments. The first step was taken in this direction and by 2021, it will start showing ads. However, of course, these ads will not appear in private conversations and chat screens. Ads will only be shown on major channels that actively act as mini social networks on their own in Telegram.

Accordingly, Telegram plans to make a big move by introducing its own advertising system. Under this system, the ads will be clearly marked and at the same time, attention will be paid to the display of user-friendly ads. Also, the ads to be displayed will not be randomly selected and will be privacy conscious. At the same time, Telegram ads will not be shaped according to the taste profiles of the people like other social media sites. Contrary to what was expected, this is a different innovation.

Ads will not be the only form of monetization coming to Telegram. As we mentioned before, the application itself will not be subject to any fees and the application will not charge users for any of its existing features. However, Telegram plans to add additional features that will require more resources for “business teams” and “advanced users.” In order to compensate for the cost of these features, it will start to charge users who want to use this feature.

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Finally, let’s point out that the reason behind Telegram’s efforts to make money in these ways is that it does not plan to sell the application to a technology giant like Facebook. Also, let’s add that Pavel Durov, founder and developer of Telegram, stated that the app will always be free for regular users.


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