After Google’s Terraria developer blocked Google accounts, the Terraria developer said that the Stadia version of the game was canceled.

There was a tension between Google, one of the largest companies in the world, and the developer of the successful game Terraria in the past weeks. With the update a few hours ago, the tension started to grow even more.

In late January, Andrew Spinks, one of the creators of the game Terraria, had his YouTube account closed. Spinks, who tried to reach Google about the incident, unfortunately did not get a response and all Google accounts of Andrew Spinks were closed. After these events, Andrew Spinks shared the events on Twitter in the past hours.

According to Andrew Spinks, all Google accounts were closed even though he did not violate any rules. He has been trying to recover his accounts for 3 weeks, but these attempts have failed. He said that because Google did not take any action on this issue, he canceled Terraria’s Stadia version and would not work with a company that does not care about its customers and partners.

Andrew Spinks shared what he lost, so that we could understand the scale of the event. He has lost his Google Play account with thousands of dollars in purchases, Google Drive data, YouTube channel, and worst of all, his 15 years e-mail address. Finally, an important detail, Andrew Spinks said that the 4K The Lord of The Rings, which he bought, was also interrupted and could not finish.


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