The creator of Terraria, whose Google account has been closed, announced that he will not bring the game to the Google Stadia platform.

Andrew Spinks, one of the creators of Terraria, announced that the game will no longer be coming for Google Stadia after the Google account has been closed. There is a 3-week process behind this decision.

It all started with Spinks’ studio Re-Logic’s YouTube channel being closed for still inexplicable reasons. In a conversation between the Terraria Twitter account and the YouTube Team, the Terraria team stated that they had received an e-mail regarding an alleged terms of use violation despite not posting any new content for several months. Although it was assumed that the email was received in error, days later the account was disabled.

It seems that Spinks’ personal email was also assigned to Re-Logic’s YouTube channel, and the developer shared that he had lost access to the thousands of dollars worth of app on Google Play by appealing to Twitter to announce that his Google account was still disabled. In fact, he cannot access Google Drive and Gmail accounts.

Spinks, who could not get a response, explained that Terraria would no longer come to Google Stadia as a result of this situation and said, “I cannot do this any other way than you decide to burn this bridge. Imagine it burned. #Terraria for @GoogleStadia has been canceled. ” used the expressions. Additionally, he added that he would not be involved in a company that values ​​its customers and partners very little and that doing business with Google is a liability.

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We can imagine that this move will make a splash on the Google front and the company will want to fix the situation. After all, there is a game that came out in April 2020 and sold over 30 million copies. We think that Google will not want to suffer such a loss.

Finally, let’s remind you that Google has also decided to close the Studio game development studios to focus on business partners.

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