Tesla sued a software engineer who was hired in the last few days of last December for uploading the company’s confidential software information to his personal Dropbox account.

Tesla sued software engineer Alex Khatilov for alleged trade secret theft and breach of contract. The electric car maker claims that its fired former employee copied thousands of files to his personal Dropbox account a few days after he was hired. Khatilov was working from home due to the pandemic.

Alleged theft of important information at Tesla
In the case file, which included Tesla’s accusations: “Within three days, it began stealing thousands of confidential software files from Tesla’s secure internal network and began transferring them to Tesla’s personal cloud storage account in Dropbox, where Tesla had no access or visibility. it consists of scripts of proprietary software code that he spent years creating. ” include statements.

Golda Arulappan, Tesla’s senior manager of software quality assurance engineering, said in a statement that if this information theft was true, the stolen information would be extremely valuable to a competitor. Arulappan said that with access to these scripts, engineers at other companies would reverse Tesla’s processes to build a similar system in a much shorter time and with a fraction of the cost Tesla spent building the system, Arulappan said.

Khatilov said he was surprised and shocked by Tesla’s lawsuit. In an interview, he said that after he was hired on December 28, Tesla sent him a file containing information for new hires. He said he later transferred it to his personal Dropbox cloud account for use on his personal computer.

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Khatilo: “Nobody said it was forbidden to use Dropbox. I don’t know why they claim to be sensitive information, I didn’t have access to sensitive information.” said.

Tesla said they don’t know if Khatilo copied the files or shared them with someone else. Research on the subject continues.


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