Electric car giant Tesla accused Rivian, one of the biggest competitors in the industry, of commercial secret theft. The company claimed that some of its employees were hired in Rivian, but that they switched to Rivian by taking Tesla’s information before leaving the job.

Tesla, which has the biggest share in reaching the electric car industry today, has some competitors, although it is a leading company. One of the company’s biggest competitors is Rivian, an electric car startup like him. With the models she introduced, Rivian was able to attract the attention of many people.

But the Rivian and Tesla duo came to the fore not for automobile competition, but for a different reason, when the electric car industry is heating up. Tesla accused Rivian of stealing trade secrets. The company announced that nearly 70 employees, including 22 in the past four months, have left Tesla and switched to Rivian.

“Employees who switched from Tesla to Rivian also took confidential information with them”

Tesla claimed that some of his transitional employees also took confidential documents with the company. Tesla added that Rivian respects the inclusion of Tesla employees, but added that Rivian did not act fairly.

According to Tesla’s claims, an employee seized the company’s sales personnel ‘highly sensitive trade secret compensation and bonus information’ to use in Rivian shortly before leaving Tesla. Allegedly, this information included salaries, bonuses, new recruitment rewards and compensations for sales staff.

According to another claim, one of the employees who left Tesla took the company’s recruitment organization schemes, list of candidates, Tesla employees and information from which companies Tesla found candidates to Rivian with him. Another employee has many details about the equipment involved in the company’s production process; another employee received a list of employees who are experts in Tesla’s charging station network.

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According to Tesla’s statement, these 4 examples were just the tip of the iceberg. Tesla claimed that employees downloaded these files from Tesla’s network before leaving the company. The company added that some employees admit that they received confidential information when questioned by Tesla, while others maintained their innocence. This incident between Tesla and Rivian has no consequences yet. So continue to follow us to learn about the developments to be experienced.


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