Tesla had an accident, it was messed up again. This time, we can officially say Tesla “pissed on the mosque wall”. Because Tesla crashed into a police vehicle …


Tesla is, according to some, the world’s greatest automaker, and, according to others, a vehicle for Elon Musk to colonize Mars. Regardless, Tesla vehicles drive the automobile industry to another point with the technologies they offer. Today, the world’s largest automakers have not yet reached half of Tesla’s technology level. Tesla’s vehicles, which have taken the business to another point on the autonomous driving side, have recently started to have a lot of accidents. Although Tesla’s shares in the stock market fall as he crashes, the latest accident officially becomes something like “peeing on the mosque wall”.

According to the news, a 22-year-old Tesla Model Y owner crashed into a blue Dodge Charger police vehicle while driving autonomously, standing in the safety lane to help the vehicle involved in another accident on the highway.

Now the issue we do not understand is this; What was Tesla doing in the security lane if the police car was in the security lane? What was the 22-year-old driver doing inside when Tesla entered the safety lane? Didn’t he think of going back to the lane? There have been many feedbacks about such accidents lately, and Tesla examines them one by one. We do not see the possibility that these vehicles, which have reached the level of autonomous 6, are likely to be involved in such an accident on the highway, but Tesla will definitely share the details of this.


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