A recent Tesla Model 3 buyer saw his steering wheel disengage from the vehicle during one of his trips. Victim of Tesla’s delay and prevented from using his new car due to a pandemic, the UK buyer felt the part come out with less than 1 month of use.

On a trip of 32 kilometers and already close to the final destination, the boy decided to change lanes to continue and, in the process, the steering wheel disengaged from the vehicle’s dashboard. Recorded what happened on Twitter, Jason – owner of the Tesla Model 3 – was forced to use the warranty, demanding emergency repairs.

Jason was yet another victim of Tesla’s lack of punctuality. His electric car was scheduled to arrive in October 2019 and only showed up in mid-March. This delay significantly impacted the buyer’s experience, considering that the isolation policies were already very strong on the delivery date.

Still, Jason was able to use his vehicle for about a month for short, emergency trips; however, a month later, he found his car “unseat”.

Tesla received the vehicle and returned it to the owner the following day with due repairs. According to the New York Post, the company noticed a serious manufacturing defect in the vehicle. “Tesla confirmed that the steering wheel was not attached to the body of the car with a screw. They are looking for the error on the production line, ”Jason told the newspaper.

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Manufacturing defects are recurrent in Tesla vehicles. Despite the flashy design, strong ideals and expensive vehicles, the automaker still has a lot to learn from its competitors – especially when it comes to finishing, assembling and certifying product quality.

Steering wheel problems, for example, have already resulted in a recall of 1.4 million Ford units in 2018 – in this case, by choosing a screw too short for the project. If a problem on the production line is found, Tesla is expected to open a recall order for units related to Jason’s car – resulting in a highly costly and delicate process in the current pandemic period.


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