The range of the Model Y Standard Range, which was $ 8,000 cheaper than the previous entry-level Model Y Long Range, has also decreased significantly. A third row seat option has also been added to the Model Y.

US electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla has launched a new entry-level version of its product range, the crossover Model Y, named Standard Range.

The Model Y Standard Range, whose starting price is announced as 41 thousand 990 dollars, is thus 8 thousand dollars cheaper than the Model Y Long Range version. But, naturally, there were significant cuts in values ​​such as range and performance compared to the version in question.

When we first look at the driving range of the Tesla Model Y Standard Range, we see that it is 244 miles, or 393 kilometers, according to EPA measurements. This means that the range is 132 kilometers reduced compared to the Model Y Long Range.

In addition, while other members of the series have four-wheel drive, this version can be purchased as rear-wheel drive. This increased the car’s 0-100 km / h acceleration time to 5.3 seconds. In the next level Model Y Long Range, this value is 4.8 seconds.

For the entry-level version of Tesla Model Y named Standard Range, 230 miles (370 km) range and a starting price of less than $ 40 thousand were spoken in the first place. It was thought that this version would be canceled after Elon Musk’s statement that “a range below 250 miles is unacceptably low”.

After the developments, Musk’s decision will have changed so that the Model Y Standard Range has recently come true. In fact, we can show these developments as the launch of the Mustang Mach-E and Volkswagen ID.4. The price of Mach-E starts from 42 thousand 895 dollars, the price of ID.4 starts from 39 thousand 995 dollars, and both vehicles can benefit from tax reduction of 7 thousand 500 dollars. This allowed its competitors to be cheaper than the Model Y.

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Another news about Tesla Model Y is that the third row seat option, which has been spoken for a long time, is now available for purchase. It is possible to add the option to the vehicle for 3 thousand dollars. However, in the photographs shared, the legroom offered for those sitting in the third row looks very poor.

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